I love the quintessence of femininity

I love the quintessence of femininity

The Second World War has just ended when Christian Dior founded his fashion house of the same name. He had his first great success thanks to his famous “white and black houndstooth” suit. The style of its first “New Look” collection is characterized by fitted jackets with rounded shoulders, frills, skirts falling below the knees, and totally contrasting with the fashion of the time. The first perfume of the brand “Miss Dior” was released in 1947. In 1999, the brand presented a future legend of “J’Adore” perfumery .

J’Adore, the story of a cult perfume

Released in 1999, “J’Adore” had a single objective, to be the perfect olfactory translation of the know-how of the Dior house. However, since Christian Dior loved flowers above all else, the fragrance had to contain at least a floral note. He liked to say that “After women, flowers are the most divine creations. For him, “a perfume without flowers cannot transcribe the soul of Dior”. This is why “J’Adore” will bring together the noblest flowers from the garden of raw materials. The bouquet of flowers of “J’Adore” is generous and balanced, and its richness is a perpetual source of inspiration. With “J’Adore”, modern and ancient perfumery is harmonized, by combining very advanced synthetic products, such as aldehyde molecules, with classic natural essences.

The beautiful floral bouquet from J’Adore

It is the perfumer Calice Becker, an essential signature of current perfumerywho put together the masterful composition of “J’Adore”. The latter begins with the freshness of bergamot and tangerine. The heart is ultra feminine, it is full of flowers, each more beautiful than the next, such as rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, champaca flower, tuberose and violet. This bouquet evolves towards a voluptuous background, thanks to the presence of plum, blackberry, associated with amaranth wood and white musks. “J’Adore” also owes its success to its bottle, an amphora bottle that resembles those of the brand’s beginnings. It is also imbued with the figure-8 silhouette typical of the “New Look” style. Her figure with the hollowed-out waist soars towards the sky. As for the collar, it is totally oversized and has very precious golden rings. All of this refers to the famous Maasai necklaces, recalling that “J’Adore” is a universal fragrance. Finally, the bottle is topped with a crystal ball, synonymous with softness and purity, for exceptional femininity.

A fragrance that has become a “J’Adore” legend. Because Christian Dior adored flowers, “J’Adore”, in his homage, includes a wonderful bouquet of flowers, each more magical than the next. In 2012, 2013 and 2014, “J’Adore” quite simply placed at the top of sales!

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