Clarins Multi-Intensive Smoothing Youth Lotion

Clarins Multi-Intensive Smoothing Youth Lotion
Clarins Multi-Intensive Smoothing Youth Lotion

Founded in 1954, the Clarins brand immediately offered a new way to enhance the beauty of women. A global player in high-tech cosmetics and beauty, the Clarins brand is proud to have been able to create products that have revolutionized the history of cosmetics . Jacques Courtin-Clarins, the founder of the brand, used to say “The strength of Clarins lies in the women. Clarins’ success lies in respecting and listening to its customers ”. The Clarins concept is “Responsible Beauty”. This means designing ever safer formulas. Here, Clarins presents its “Multi-Intensive Smoothing Youth Lotion”.


Multi-Intensive Smoothing Youth Lotion: the first beauty step in a long ritual offered by Clarins

The “Multi-Intensive Smoothing Youth Lotion” is the first beauty step in a daily anti-aging ritual, which provides skin that is more beautiful and radiant with youth. The “Multi-Intensive Smoothing Youth Lotion” has an active, fresh and creamy texture that integrates perfectly into the heart of your skin. The emollient action of the gelled texture, combined with exfoliating hibiscus flower acids, facilitates impregnation and actively prepares the skin for various treatments. Its secret lies in its active ingredients. The combination of green coffee seeds and ginseng extracts gives your skin all its energy. Oat sugars smooth out fine lines and marks from sleep. The acids in hibiscus flowers remove your dead cells. Finally,

Clarins, Multi-Intensive Smoothing Youth Lotion, instructions for use

For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to use the “Multi-Intensive Smoothing Youth Lotion” by applying it to your clean, dry skin, by light tapping, or else soak a cotton ball and pass it on the face and the neck before the usual skin care cream. Avoid the eye area. “Restore, Illuminate, Repair” are the key words of Clarins youth lotion. It is the essential morning care gesture that ensures the beauty of the skin upon awakening. It reduces swelling as well as signs of sleep. Awakened, your skin regains all its energy. The epidermis is visibly smoother, fine lines are smoothed out. Clarins carried out a study on 93 women for 4 weeks. We notice that 93% of women over 50 find their skin more beautiful. 87% find that their skin is more receptive to other treatments applied afterwards. 90% of them find that their skin quickly regains its radiance. Finally, 82% of them note that their skin is ideally hydrated. The 100 ml bottle has a red color synonymous with vitality. Its golden cap brings a final touch of elegance.


Clarins “Multi-Intensive Smoothing Youth Lotion” prepares your skin for the day’s care and makeup. A real antidote to a gray complexion, this lotion restores the complexion to its full luminosity. The skin regains the good health of younger skin.

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