The composition of Gabrielle Chanel perfume

The composition of Gabrielle Chanel
The composition of Gabrielle Chanel

Gabrielle de Chanel’s new “floral and abstract” scent

The news has barely fallen when it is already making a big splash in the world of feminine perfumery… The house of Chanel has decided to open a new chapter in its history and to deliver us a new feminine perfume. This one is called Gabrielle and pays tribute to the creator of the brand: Coco Chanel. Inspired by her daring, confident and rebellious character, this is a fragrance that does not lack temperament . So how about taking a closer look at the ingredients in his new recipe?

Gabrielle’s feminine and solar composition

The new Gabrielle fragrance is already presented as a “floral and abstract” juice. Its creator describes it as being a solar and airy fragrance, presented in a sublime bottle , and mainly made up of white flowers. However, it also has some fruity flavors as well as a smoother and more sensual base. Gabrielle begins with a fruity and fresh scent of mandarin.

This slightly candied and tangy fruit is counterbalanced by the bitterness of the grapefruit. Redcurrant, a close cousin of blackcurrant, gives this start a more invigorating flavor. Then, Gabrielle’s heart evolves towards more femininity and romanticism. It is full of white flowers. The tuberose gives it a somewhat heady start, both honeyed and waxy. Ylang-ylang, meanwhile, makes this fragrance more powdery and elegant. It pairs wonderfully with the warm, opulent scent of jasmine. Orange blossom then reinforces the Mediterranean aspect of the whole.

Its radiant vegetal scent is gradually giving way to a more woody, smoky and milky base. This one comes from sandalwood. The musk finishes sublimating the whole with a more animal and sensual facet. Olivier Polge, official nose of the house of Chanel, explains his source of inspiration in these terms:

“I chose these ingredients because they are part of our vocabulary. I think these ingredients must express something real and that they correspond to the personality of Gabrielle Chanel. […] When I created this perfume, he says, I had no idea how it would be received and used by customers. I like to think that they will do something very personal with it ”.

Gabrielle: a perfume signed Olivier Polge

Making a perfume tribute to the very famous Gabrielle Chanel was particularly daring. Indeed, it took a deep daring to rub shoulders with such a personality. However, it took a lot more to cool Olivier Polge’s extraordinary spirit of initiative. Son of the very famous Jacques Polge, previous perfumer of Chanel, he is considered by his peers to be one of the most talented creators of world perfumery. Their recognition towards him is unanimous and Olivier Polge seduces as much by his extraordinary know-how as by his extraordinary sensitivity.

Formerly very blue flower, it now displays, in our humble opinion , more bite. His compositions are constantly enriched and it is precisely this mixture of emotion and affirmation that we find in Gabrielle’s recipe.

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