The timeless aesthetic of Armani Code Colonia

The timeless aesthetic of Armani Code Colonia
The timeless aesthetic of Armani Code Colonia

The Armani house was created in Milan in 1975. Initially, it manufactured exclusively clothes. However, its rapid growth enabled it to considerably develop its sectors of activity. Today, Armani is just as famous in sewing as in accessories, eyewear, watches, jewelry and perfumery. This earned him a perfect mastery of the art of design and graphics. Thus, it is precisely this know-how and this innate taste that we find in the new visual of the Armani Code Colonia perfume .

The often abstract modernity of Armani bottles

Armani is a creative house, each product of which meets strict rules imposed by Giorgio Armani himself. Thus, its look is characterized by the sobriety of its colors, the perfection of its details and the simplicity of its lines. At Armani, frills are not in order and the brand prefers to go straight to excellence. Thus, it is felt even in its bottles and these latter are often devoid of any eccentricity. Moreover, Armani currently only offers two different bottle shapes. Among these, the silhouette of the new Colonia Code is a must. Although created fifteen years ago, this one still has a very modern look. Abstract in shape, the Armani Code Colonia bottle rises to the sky like a skyscraper. It then immediately becomes a symbol of strength and power. Everything is at the same time simple but refined. Thus, during its first release, it received excellent reviews. However, its success still cannot be denied today. Long lacquered in a fully opaque color, it now offers some additional details. So, let’s take a deeper look at what it is.

The color blue at the center of the new Colonia Code

Armani Code Colonia is only the second fragrance in the collection to dare to display a color other than black or gray. This had already surprised more than one, in 2016, with the creation of Armani Code Profumo, delivered in a warm brown packaging. Today, the sensuality of this latest opus has given way to more freshness. Armani Code Colonia is displayed in a blue color. If its shape has remained absolutely identical to that of its previous versions, it seems more worked than before. Besides, his glass has been thickened from the inside. Thus, it gives it a feeling of depth and intensity. Likewise, it only increases its refined side. Armani Code Colonia also displays a gradient. Its base is dark but lightens as this bottle rises. On the other hand, the whole is cut off with a thick collar and lacquered in black. This is reminiscent of the colors of the very first version of Armani Code. Its streaks make figures of impeccable finishes. Finally, the whole is topped with a completely opaque and shiny midnight blue cabochon. This one turns out to be very masculine while having a little mysterious side. In other words, the visual of Armani Code Colonia calls for discovery.

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