Hermès Travel Perfume Eau de Parfum

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Hermès Travel Perfume Eau de Parfum is a 2012 Woody Spicy Citrus Perfume by Hermes for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Jean-claude Ellena . Top notes are Cardamom, Lemon, Tea. Middle notes are Pink, Green note. Base notes are Amber woods, White musks.

Hermès Travel Perfume Eau de Parfum
Hermès Travel Perfume Eau de Parfum


Voyage Le Parfum: A New Vision of Travel by Jean-Claude Ellena

For this Voyage eau de parfum, the quest for the unknown is more in force than in freshness and the amber notes have overtaken the fresh citrus notes. A spicy and woody journey awaits us, men and women of course!

The strength of an amber Perfume Voyage for a racy eau de parfum

With Voyage, Jean-Claude Ellena wanted to translate into contrasting scents the lightness of the spirit in the face of discovery, mixed with the strength of departure. For this new Voyage which opens a second chapter two years after a dazzling “start” in sales in perfumery, Jean-Claude Ellena has chosen to take us into a more powerful olfactory universe.

Voyage le Parfum offers an olfactory picture where one can admire “the same landscape [as Voyage], but the relief is denser, more marked. To draw a parallel with photography, we could speak of a new depth of field ”Jean-Claude Ellena for Voyage Parfum. So the perspectives of this painting want to be even stronger, to offer an even more intoxicating journey of the senses.

As far as communication is concerned, Hermès retains the magnificent advertisement for Voyage where the galloping horse goes to meet the masterful bird. An ultra aesthetic advertisement that diffuses the racy scents of this Eau de Parfum Voyage through our minds already bewitched by a first opus.

Voyage Parfum, where the citrus leaves their place to the amber signature

< p> Of course, we will have the pleasure of rediscovering the originality of the travel stirrup bottle for this new scented destination. On the other hand, for Voyage Le Parfum, the magnificent playful object created by Philippe Mouquet takes on more racy black and steel colors in order to highlight the powerful juice.

From the top notes we discover dynamic lemon notes . But for this new Voyage, they are quickly colored with guinevere berries and cardamom infusing Voyage Le Parfum, an immediate take-off towards the scorching heat. Yet the green note and the delicate rose note remind us of the lightness of its predecessor. This is only for a while because as we approach the depths, Voyage Le Parfum takes us to brilliant sensualities… We then rub shoulders with exotic amber woods and intense musks that will capsize us with animal sweets.

Voyage le Perfume likes to recount those moments when the mind sets off on an adventure, to conquer new worlds. The perfume that its creator wanted “more comfortable and warm” than Voyage, also plays with contrasts but in a much more intense way than during the first opus. “I voluntarily leave voids, blanks in the perfumes, so that everyone can add their own imagination. »Confides Jean-Claude Ellena, with Voyage le Parfum it is up to us to imagine the rest …

Released in 2012, “ Voyage le Parfum ”is the olfactory expression of a trip to the other side of the world. According to Jean-Claude Ellena, official perfumer of the Hermès brand, “Voyage le Parfum is an invitation to discover, meet and share”. Nourished by imagination, “Voyage le Parfum”, a mixed fragrance, echoes Hermès’ love for travel. Reassuring and warm, “Voyage le Parfum” is a fragrance that plays on contrasts and creates improbable associations. The result releases a powerful nectar of the most dazzling.

Voyage le Parfum, a journey directed by Jean-Claude Ellena for Hermès

Jean- Claude Ellena was born in Grasse in 1947, to a perfumer father. In 1968, he joined the Givaudan school in Switzerland. He signs his first success “First” by Van Cleef & amp; Arpels at the age of 28, which will propel him to the forefront. Considered a truly brilliant perfumer, Jean-Claude Ellena nevertheless claims simplicity. He likes short formulas and gets to the point. He perfectly masters perfumery and all raw materials. From 2004 to 2016, Jean-Claude Ellena will become the official perfumer of the Hermès house. Christine Nagel took over and said “Jean-Claude Ellena is a man of reflection … He takes the time, he has an eye for detail, and above all he dared to do things”. We owe to Jean-Claude Ellena magnificent fragrances such as “Terre d’Hermès, un Jardin sur le Toit, Élixir des Merveilles” by Hermès, but also “Declaration” by Cartier.

Voyage d’Hermès le Parfum, woody, fresh and musky notes

“Voyage le Parfum” is a most daring journey that will begin with the invigorating notes of lemon, combined with spicy tones as well as cardamom. Cardamom is a perennial plant native to India. The Romans used cardamom for perfume, while the Egyptians used it as a toothpaste. Now produced in Asian countries and Central America, cardamom is a spice used in cooking. In perfumery, cardamom is obtained by steam distillation of the dried seeds. Cardamom gives off spicy, camphoric, aromatic and resinous tones. The heart of “Voyage le Parfum” evolves towards floral notes such as rose, combined with hedonia and green notes, for a most incredible combination. Hedione, or methyl dihydrojasmonate, was isolated and synthesized in 1962, and exists in nature, in jasmine or tea. It was first used by perfumer Edmond Roudnitska in “Eau Sauvage” by Christian Dior in 1966. Hédoine’s main vocation is to boost the freshness, smell or volume of a composition. The base of “Voyage le Parfum” is musky, amber and sensual at the same time thanks to the presence of white musks, amber woods, and musky notes. The bottle has a very particular design. This “nomadic object bottle” is small, light and has been designed to be taken everywhere when traveling.

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