Eau de parfum Izia La Nuit Sisley

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Eau de parfum Izia La Nuit Sisley is a 2021 Chyprée Floral Perfume by Sisley for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Cassis, Mandarin, Cardamom. Middle notes are Pink, Freesia, Magnolia. Base notes are Vanilla, Patchouli, Cistus, Ambroxan.

Eau de parfum Izia La Nuit Sisley
Eau de parfum Izia La Nuit Sisley


Izia La Nuit: The new Sisley Eau de Parfum

However, unlike the main perfume brands, Sisley does not particularly follow trends and only develops very rare fragrances that are always particularly eagerly awaited. In this context, Izia made its appearance in 2017, revealing all the solar beauty of women through the rose of Ornano. Today, this already cult juice returns to the front of the stage, in a much darker facet called Izia la Nuit.

Izia la Nuit, a sophisticated fragrance inspired by rose

In general , the rose is an emblematic raw material of women’s perfumery. Indeed, it is one of the most used ingredients of all time to design fragrances. Women have adored him since Antiquity and his success never falters. Moreover, it is also one of the most popular ingredients of Isabelle d’Ornano, founder of Sisley. She who grew up in Andalusia has always been surrounded by very floral scents. While the rose is very present in this part of the world, it is therefore naturally invited in many home fragrances.
Here, however, it reveals a completely different face to us. The rose of Izia la Nuit is more unique and hypnotic. Here, it is an Ornano rose, an exceptional plant that flowers only once a year, for a short time. Izia la Nuit is the result of an event not to be missed. Moreover, this one is also intended to be mysterious as it is captivating. In this perfume, the fresh and airy scent of Izia is transformed into a more sophisticated and biting juice. This new contemporary trail opposes a colorful scent to a final, more woody and tenacious breath. The result is a very refined and persistent fragrance.

Izia la Nuit, a hymn to the night in a jewel bottle

Izia la Nuit de Sisley comes in a bottle designed by sculptor Bronislaw Krysztof, whose collaboration with the brand has become a long habit. Here, he has chosen to deliver the Izia la Nuit perfume to us in a bottle with a very natural spirit. Similar to a pebble, this one focuses on roundness, which gives it a perfect grip. However, it remains nonetheless luxurious. Its shimmering black lacquering faces a few more golden elements, for an absolutely fascinating night and sparkling contrast.
On the scent side, Izia la Nuit starts with a fresh and vibrant breath of fruit. It combines tangerine, blackcurrant and cardamom. Then, its initial liveliness is relayed by a more luminous and floral heart. This is when the Ornano rose appears, along with the magnolia and freesia. Little by little, everything darkens and Izia la Nuit de Sisley ends with woody and sensual base notes of patchouli, vanilla and ambroxan.

In 2017, the house of Sisley presented us with a highly anticipated feminine perfume, named Izia. Indeed, the brand does not usually multiply the olfactory outings. Far preferring quality to quantity, she devotes herself body and soul to each of her new essences, putting a little of her personal history in all her juices. In a real burst of emotions, it was a composition called Izia, presented in a sort of solar and luminous pebble, and giving thanks to a modern femininity. In 2021, this feminine fragrance is renewed and this time tackles a more mysterious and dark side of the feminine personality. So what about the precise recipe for Izia at Night? We take stock.

The famous Ornano rose, central element of Izia at Night

Izia la Nuit relies on one of the ingredients most dear to Isabelle d’Ornano’s heart: the Ornano rose. Indeed, this one is a rare plant which was discovered in his garden. His particuliarity ? It only flowers once a year, for a short time. Sophisticated, floral and airy, it offers an event not to be missed. In addition, by choosing this raw material as the central ingredient of its fragrance, Sisley echoes the previous Izia fragrance. Indeed, it already revolved around its atypical scent. Note, however, that the Ornano rose is this time worked very differently. Dark and mysterious, it is an invitation to come together, while materializing the portrait of a strong, almost imperial woman.

The other ingredients contained in Izia la Nuit

To better understand the new structure of Izia la Nuit, let’s take a closer look at the other raw materials accompanying the Ornano rose.

Fresh and fruity top notes

Izia la Nuit is a feminine juice that does not lack bite and begins with a very fresh and vibrant flight. For this, this feminine scent brings together several fruits. Blackcurrant and tangerine give it a zesty and tangy breath. Added to this is cardamom, a colder spice. Izia la Nuit resonates like a real boost. This fragrance is bursting with energy from its first top notes.

A very floral heart

This incisive opening quickly gives way to a more romantic and poetic heart. It is at this moment that the rose of Ornano appears. However, it is not the only one to be used in this recipe. For more opulence and light, it is accompanied by freesia and magnolia.

A woody and persistent base

The real novelty of this perfume lies more in its notes of fund. Little by little, an unprecedented warmth is brought by the vanilla and amber which gradually mingle with the sensuality of the rose. Sophisticated and modern, this feminine juice ends with woody accents of patchouli. This ingredient gives it a greater persistence, while coming to structure this fragrance. In general, Izia la Nuit is not lacking in temperament and displays impeccable tenacity.

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