Eau de parfum Bois des Iles Chanel

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Eau de parfum Bois des Iles Chanel is a 1926 Oriental Woody Perfume by Chanel for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Ernest Beaux . Top notes are Aldehydes, Jasmine. Middle notes are Pink, Wood, Ylang ylang. Base notes are Vetiver, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Tonka bean.

Eau de parfum Bois des Iles Chanel
Eau de parfum Bois des Iles Chanel


Bois des Iles, the Chanel perfume

Bois des Iles offers a very innovative universe for the time by sublimating woody feminine accords and marrying opulent flowers and even some delicacies! A delight …

Bois des iles or the astonishing modernity of a perfume born in… 1926!

Gabrielle Chanel loved originality, she loved above all to surprise without losing the legendary elegance of her creations. If N ° 5 caused a sensation upon its release in 1921, other yet beautifully created fragrances were excluded from this scent legend. This could be the case of Bois des îles which surprised both by its audacity which plays with the feminine to the masculine as well as by its gourmet accords which were hardly in the trends of the moment.

Remember that Gabrielle Chanel was one of the first designers to dare to successfully mix very masculine fabrics, such as jersey, with very feminine cuts. It is hardly surprising that the sparkling lady wanted Ernest Beaux to compose a woody fragrance for her, typically reserved for men, in order to make it extremely feminine.

In addition, this famous Bois des Iles highlights fruity touches that hardly corresponded to the standards of the time. Let us not forget that if this pretty Bois des iles is experiencing a great rebirth thanks to its appearance in the Les Exclusifs collection in the 2010s, a time when gourmet perfumes are furiously trendy, Ernest Beaux and Gabrielle Chanel worked on it in 1926 .. .

Floral and woody, the Bois des Iles fragrance plays with its delicacies

The star of this Bois des Iles, which was drawn as a praise to distant journeys and to the new aspirations of women, would undoubtedly be the sandalwood of Mysore. What is more, the use of this type of sandalwood has a meaning of well-being and appeasement in Eastern religions, it is a safe bet that this was not done by chance by Chanel.

Bois des iles takes us on a first fresh and energetic journey of bergamot and petit grain which will be tinged, like N ° 5 elsewhere, with the nervous and metallic power of aldehydes. At the heart, the splendors of jasmine, rose, lilac and clove, very Western, come to marry the flowery and exotic notes of ylang-ylang from the Comoros and cinnamon. The fruity note of peach brings its sweetness while turning into a sweet fruit thanks to the chypre depths of Bois des Iles. Indeed vetiver and Mysore sandalwood bring their woody strength to a gourmet and sensual vanilla and tonka bean like the rays of the sun warming our skin with delight …

“A woody fragrance with oriental curls, everything here evokes the exotic: the precious sandalwood, the languid sensuality of the large ylang-ylang flowers of the Comoros. Perfume alone is a mysterious and distant continent. »Chanel for Bois des Iles.

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