Coriander Eau de Toilette Jean Couturier

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Coriander Eau de Toilette Jean Couturier is a 1973 Chyprée Aldehyde Spicy Cologne by Jean Couturier for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Jacqueline Couturier . Top notes are Coriander, Angelic, Orange Blossom, Aldehydes. Middle notes are Ylang ylang, Lilies, Iris, Geranium, Jasmine, Pink. Base notes are Sandalwood, Civet, Patchouli, Oak moss, Vetiver, White musks.

Coriander Eau de Toilette Jean Couturier
Coriander Eau de Toilette Jean Couturier


Coriander: A sensual feminine scent signed by a feminine nose

Only a year later, Coriandre was born from the talented nose of Jacqueline Couturier. This great wind of chypre and flowery flowers wanted to pay a vibrant tribute to the fragrance of the designer’s mother, Shoking by Schiaparelli. Coriander will remain for decades the benchmark for chypres-flowery fragrances.

Jacqueline Couturier and the first chypre-fleuri feminine fragrance: Coriander

Coriander is the fruit of the love story between Jean Couturier , famous manager of the Yves Saint-Laurent house, and the one who will become his wife, Jacqueline Couturier, a talented nose already at the head of many scented compositions.

When Coriandre came out in 1973, Couturier perfumes were a very young institution seeking to be recognized. If we already knew Jacqueline Couturier for her talents as perfume creators, it was impossible to know her works, preferring to remain anonymous. Coriander is therefore the first fragrance that she signs. Maybe because she created it to pay homage to her missing Mum who wore the fabulous Shoking by Schiaparelli… Or maybe because Coriandre is the very first perfume that the Jean Couturier house offers?

Anyway Coriander is remembered by all for this refined blend of very warm chypre notes elegantly married with floral notes of jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang. Today, the very chic Coriander is considered the undisputed master of chypres-flowery feminine fragrances.

When the woman becomes woody, deep, captivating …

Coriander does not try to wow its audience in order to please. Both its bottle and its packaging are thus tinted with a marbled green, certainly referring to the scents of oak moss or vetiver making up its spine. No ostentatious luxury therefore for this pretty Coriander.

The pretty aromatics of coriander, of course, but also of angelica offer a tonic and dazzling start. Embellished with some orange blossoms, the top notes are powerful and aldehyde. At the heart, it is a precious field of jasmine and roses which is revealed by powdering itself with irises and lilies. However, the spicy, green and fruity geranium punctuates this floral mixture with its dazzling dynamic. Then the flowery and aromatic trap closes in a most addictive woody blend of oakmoss, vetiver, patchouli and sandalwood even accompanied by some civet animalities. Coriandre’s wife is a woman of character!

“With Coriander, I wanted to rediscover the olfactory emotions of my youth, the subtle and delicate fragrance of my mother [“ Shocking ”] and the captivating fragrances of the Grasse countryside. Jacqueline Couturier told us about the creation of Coriandre. And much more than a simple reinterpretation of a maternal perfume from the past, the creative nose has been able to propel Coriander in its time but also in new dimensions that are even more universal and timeless. Coriander or the magic of a perfume that lives on …

When Jacqueline presented the composition of Coriander to Jean Couturier who works for Yves Saint Laurent, it was love at first sight. A love at first sight but also an olfactory love at first sight which made a decisive turning point in the career of the now Couturier couple: to create their own perfume . Because Coriander is an olfactory phenomenon in power and the intuition of the two creators was the right one, it was indeed a bestseller, a legendary perfume …

Coriander or the major work of the great perfumer Jacqueline Couturier

Coriandre was born from the talent of one of the rare female “noses” of the time, Jacqueline Couturier. The woman born in the cradle of the most beautiful French flowers, is talented but this talent blooms in an almost anonymous way because it was so difficult, in the 1960s, to assert herself as a perfumer when this beautiful mission was entrusted mainly to men. / p>

But the designer will end up in 1972 by meeting Jean Couturier and presenting him the last of her compositions made in homage to her mother. Jean Couturier, then in the creation team of Yves Saint Laurent perfumes, resigns from his post and decides to create in just one year around this perfume that they will name Coriandre their brand new perfume house.

The least we can say is that Coriander has everything of a successful perfume: the freshness of aromatic scents, the delicacy of high-quality flowers and the raw and sensual force of wild notes still unheard of in women’s perfumery . Coriander is considered the very first real chypre fragrance in the history of modern perfumery, it is also and above all so loved that it will pass the new millennium without a wrinkle and keeping its legend with it. & Nbsp; & nbsp;
“Coriander. All the scents of the evening and already the freshness of the night ”Jean Couturier for Coriander.

Coriander or the return to the wonderful scents of Grasse in a bottle

Besides the magnificent contrasts that Coriander initiated in its bottle, it is composed of 119 different essences which make it one of the masterpieces of perfumery and a legendary example of French know-how. Some women even give it, according to the Jean Couturier house, the power to transform “the mood by alone erasing, as if by magic, the grayness of a bad day. “…

Coriander opens with very fresh notes of angelica and of course cilantro. However, these pretty aromatics will be shaken up by the opulence of orange blossom and the daring arrogance of a few aldehyde notes, very fashionable since Chanel No. 5. At the heart, jasmine and Grasse rose envelop us in their beauty and a few powdery notes of precious iris. But the freshness returns with some nervous and vegetal notes of geranium. The strength is there once again. And it is not the wooded depths of this magnificent Coriander that will contradict it, so much the raw animal forces of civet, sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver take us in their whirlwind.

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