Boss Bottled Unlimited Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette

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Boss Bottled Unlimited Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette is a 2014 Aromatic Fougere Cologne by Hugo boss for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Mint, Violet. Middle notes are Cinnamon. Base notes are Labdanum, Sandalwood, White musks.

Boss Bottled Unlimited Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette
Boss Bottled Unlimited Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette


The active man of Hugo Boss

It is a fresh and energizing juice that gives the daily dynamism necessary to surpass oneself and achieve personal goals. This fragrance was crafted in 2014 and displays a modern and very energizing aromatic combination. It is a real adrenaline rush giving the wearer the strength to climb heights!

The active man of Hugo Boss

Boss Bottled is a perfume for men which appeared in 1998 and which very quickly established itself as one of the bestsellers in male perfumery. . It is still considered today as an absolute symbol of elegance, modernity and charisma. Boss Bottled is the scent of a man eager to rise to the highest peak of his professional life. In this sense, it perfectly matches the image we have of Hugo Boss couture and its rigorously cut suits. Also, Boss Bottled Unlimited appears in the same vein as its predecessor. It is simply intended for active men once they have left their office. Boss Bottled Unlimited is a juice reserved for athletes eager to surpass themselves. This fragrance is thus particularly invigorating. It is ideally designed to give a boost in everyday life and crown the efforts of men like an absolute reward sewn with a breeze of freshness.

The energizing freshness of Boss Bottled Unlimited

Boss Bottled Unlimited displays a more invigorating combination than ever before. It is like an adrenaline rush, pushing men’s self-assurance to the extreme and inspiring them to go the extra mile. In this case, Boss Bottled Unlimited is very inspired by its predecessor and is a kind of incarnation of the willful and determined man. It is simply more aromatic than it used to be. Its flavor begins with a dazzling blend of mint and frozen violet leaves. Then, this biting aspect continues in its heart thanks to the zesty presence of grapefruit associated with the fruity and juicy sweetness of pineapple. The rose also enriches this product with its elegance. This is then relayed by the enveloping softness of sandalwood. The cistus, meanwhile, comes to structure the whole before the whole does not end with a sensual and animal breath of musk. Boss Bottled Unlimited is a surprising scent that inspires you to achieve personal success beyond all limits. The packaging of its bottle, meanwhile, remains unchanged in its form. It simply coated an opaque white color highlighting its cool side. The word Unlimited is written in grass green, symbolizing sportsmanship and the grounds on which the best matches are played.

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