Night of Issey Astral Blue

Night of Issey Astral Blue
Night of Issey Astral Blue

Issey Miyake reinvents Issey’s Night in a very poetic Astral Blue

Issey Miyake is an engineer full of surprises and whose unique universe is recognized at a glance. Also, it has just announced the release of a new variant of the Night of Issey. Its iconic fragrance launched in 2014 will thus reappear in the form of the Nuit d’Issey Bleu Astral. Announced as being more romantic than ever, this new juice will always take the form of a woody and spicy fragrance, enough to sublimate the fiery temperament of today’s men!

Issey Miyake’s love for the color blue

This is not the first time that the talented Issey Miyake has paid a vibrant tribute to the color blue. Indeed, in 2004, he created a fragrance called L’Eau Bleue d’Issey pour Homme. This juice had the ambition to immerse us in the source of the elements. Shadow and color then came together in a single bottle to deliver all the most beautiful facets of this color synonymous with life. Indeed, Issey Miyake likes to describe blue in all the most majestic ways possible: the “tactile indigo blue, the hypnotic blue of sapphire, the unfathomable blue of the sky, the blue of a summer night. , or the blue that Rimbaud imagined the color of the O ”. Also, it is all these blues at the same time that we find in the Nuit d’Issey Bleu Astral.

The creator’s fascination with the night

Likewise, the night is not an unknown universe of Issey Miyake. In addition, the Nuit d’Issey fragrance is even considered to be one of the brand‘s best-sellers. This one was born in 2014 and transport us to the heart of a mysterious night. Man then seemed to be guided only by the moonlight, outlining the silhouette of nature. According to Issey Miyake, only the night is able to upset our bearings as much as to better rediscover us. Also, it is precisely this mix between night, blue and the glow of the stars that the Nuit d’Issey Bleu Astral perfume reveals to us.

The new flavor of the Night of Issey Bleu Astral

La Nuit d’Issey Bleu Astral is an initiatory fragrance filled with vivacity. It immediately plays on contrasts. Thus, its top notes contrast the freshness of lemon with the vibrant and warm aspect of coriander. This spicy flavor then opens the way to a sensual and animal heart based on leather. What is more, the eroticism of this juice continues in its background, ending with vibrant and virile tones of wood and amber. Everything is delivered to us in the emblematic bottle of Issey Miyake’s masculine fragrances. Its imposing glass silhouette is traversed here by a bewitching blue. Transparent and striated at its base, it faces the opacity of a cubic and disproportionate cabochon. The rendering becomes particularly contemporary, leading us towards an elsewhere from another galaxy.

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