New Guerlain: Kiss from Russia fragrance

New Guerlain: Kiss from Russia fragrance
New Guerlain: Kiss from Russia fragrance

Baiser de Russie, the reissue of a great Guerlain classic

If Guerlain is not lacking in imagination, and the brand continually offers its customers new olfactory products , it also happens to reissue some of its perfumes from the past. This has something to delight lovers of great perfumeries, and has the gift of plunging us back with a certain nostalgia into a bygone era when everything was only luxury and refinement. It is therefore precisely in this context that the fragrance Baiser de Russie was developed , a novelty of the year 2018 which is actually not really one …

The Parisiennes de Guerlain Collection

Baiser de Russie is a juice that belongs to the Collection des Parisiennes de Guerlain. In fact, this assortment of perfumes is made up of exclusive reissues of fragrances belonging to the brand‘s heritage. Most of these juices are produced at the request of their followers, eager to be able to postpone them one day. Baiser de Russie is a real treasure that pays tribute to loyal Guerlain customers. A true masterpiece claimed by many women, it takes us to another era while still possessing a very contemporary timeless charm.

Kiss from Russia, a fragrance tribute to Muscovite

As its name suggests, Kiss from Russia takes us to the heart of Eastern Europe. He gives us the picture of a city that is both intriguing and fascinating. It is a tribute to the Muscovite and more specifically to her “boho chic” style. Everything is there: the richness of traditional Russia combined with a more bohemian style. Kiss from Russia is not just a perfume. It is a journey through time and space.

The ultra-feminine breath of a Kiss from Russia in the legendary Guerlain bottle

Baiser de Russie is presented to us in the emblematic Guerlain “Bee” bottle, in a 225 ml format. Created by Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain in 1853 for the Empress Eugenie, it is now available in a green shade. Its collar is covered with a grosgrain ribbon in a very traditional spirit. What’s more, this bottle is further enhanced by its leather-touch box which can be changed as you wish into a sublime jewelry box.

Inside, Baiser de Russie contains a feminine and particularly sparkling essence. This is a fruity, floral and musky juice. Guerlain’s Baiser de Russie first takes off on a fresh combination of pine needles and lemon bergamot. The plum reinforces its fruity and greedy aspect, while the absinthe seizes us with its unexpected aura. The heart of Baiser de Russie combines jasmine petals and cranberry in a real burst of femininity and generosity. The greediness of Baiser de Russie by Guerlain is further amplified in its wake thanks to a contribution of caramel and vanilla. It all ends with a smooth sensation of tonka bean, white musk and sandalwood. The result is a scent that is as intoxicating as it is comforting.

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