Chanel – Egoïste Platinum Eau de Toilette

Chanel - Egoïste Platinum Eau de Toilette
Chanel – Egoïste Platinum Eau de Toilette

Egoïste Platinum, the fresh and flowery variation of Chanel’s intractable Egoïste

“Selfish, show yourself!” “. The least we can say is that Jacques Polge’s masculine elixir for Chanel has not gone unnoticed. Whether thanks to its totally original fragrance or to its revolutionary advertising spot, Egoïste has made an impression and offered, well, some would say, a more modern image to the venerable house of Chanel.

Like a new wind, Jacques Polge offered with his Egoïste a powerful and sensual scent to an original man, unconventional and ultimately not as “egoistic” as he seems. From the name to the scented composition, all the elements come together to make Egoïste the male star of Chanel. Of course, let’s not ignore the important role played by Jean-Paul Goude’s mythical advertising in order to give Egoïste an ultra modern image for Chanel . However, the beautiful masculine juice remains sometimes misunderstood as it is so innovative in the face of the multiplicity of masculine after-shave perfumes.

Thus Jacques Polge will have the bright idea of ​​offering two years after the release of the first opus a more airy and fresh version of Egoïste: Egoïste Platinum. The man of Egoïste Platinum is always an original, however, he wants to be more energetic and more flowery in order to highlight his refined elegance and his sportiness.

Moreover for Egoïste Platinum, Jean-Paul Goude will finally reveal to us the face of the “Egoist” man in an original spot featuring him in a fantastic fight against his shadow. It is clear that the media success of the Egoiste advertisement inspired this new spot for Egoiste Platinum as the fantastic universe blends with the dreamlike representation of inner male fights.

“It is said of an eloquent and brilliant man that he“ has platinum ”. Platinum Egoïste perfumes extroverted men, who do not hesitate to provoke in order to impose themselves. »Chanel for Platinum Egoïste.

The beautiful Egoïste Platinum creates a unique trail …

The Egoïste Platinum bottle is larger than its egoist predecessor but retains the same architectural beauty. However, Platinum Egoïste has dressed up in lights by offering a bright and modern silver hood to match the sparkling and lemony color of its juice.

Egoïste Platinum opens with a powerful aromatic blend of rosemary and lavender that literally flies away with a tangy note of Paraguayan petitgrain. The neroli flower brings its beautiful luminous opulence to this invigorating flight. At the heart, rosemary and clary sage do not hesitate to be pricked with a spicy geranium. Yet flowers of lily of the valley and jasmine counterbalance these aromatic powers with their tender flowery delicacy. Finally, cedar, sandalwood and oakmoss bring to this Egoiste Platinum man a wind of warm sensuality to this composition rather based on strength .

“An eau de toilette with a fern-green accord. An energetic accord of fresh and aromatic notes. […] The alliance of balance and power. »Chanel for Egoïste Platinum.

Fresh-herbaceous-woody, a brilliant composition around energy, light and virility.

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Chanel - Egoïste Platinum Eau de Toilette
Chanel – Egoïste Platinum Eau de Toilette

Olfactory family: Woody – Floral Musk

Head note: Rosemary, Petitgrain, Neroli, Lavender.

Heart Note: Galbanum, Clary Sage, Geranium, Jasmine.

Base note: Cedar, Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Amber.

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