Black Opium, the rock spirit of the legendary Opium

Black Opium, the rock spirit of the legendary Opium
Black Opium, the rock spirit of the legendary Opium

Yves Saint Laurent founded his fashion house in 1961, after having managed the Christian Dior house. From the outset, it shocks, astonishes, disturbs. Its style is avant-garde, but it works particularly for the freedom of women. Her first fragrance “Rive Gauche” is a fragrance that encourages women to free themselves from their shackles. In 1977, YSL will shock once again with “Opium”. Fragrance with the sulphurous name “Opium” arouses many controversies. After several variations, the YSL house unveils “Black Opium”, a fragrance that has nothing to envy its elder.

Black Opium keeps the sulphurous side of its predecessor

The story of “Opium” begins in 1977. At a time when manners are free, the scent of YSL will cause a real scandal. Suspected of being an incitement to debauchery, drugs, sex, “Opium” will even be censored in some countries. Released in 2014, “Black Opium”retains this unique sulfur note. From the outset, the fragrance was placed in the Top 10 best-selling perfumes in the world. Of course, “Black Opium” re-appropriates the very particular history of Opium. However, this is not its only advantage. “Black Opium” is a chic, elegant, somewhat nonchalant, but very seductive fragrance. The “Black Opium” woman also has a rebellious and mysterious side. As in the advertising clip with the muse Edie Campbell, the “Black Opium” woman appears both sulphurous and passionate, thus pushing her femininity to its peak. “Black Opium” reveals a new spirit of YSL, more modern, more mischievous. Like its predecessor, “Black Opium” symbolizes the forbidden, the one that has greatly contributed to the success of “Opium”. Intended for contemporary women,

The contrasting notes of Black Opium

It took no less than 4 talented perfumers to create “Black Opium”, namely Olivier Cresp, Nathalie Lorson, Marie Salamagne and Honorine Blanc. “Black Opium” draws its energy from the power of coffee, with which the fragrance begins. The coffee combines notes of pear and rose berry. The heart of “Black Opium” is ultra feminine, as it is composed of white flowers such as jasmine and orange blossom. The base is oriental and we find vanilla which blends harmoniously with the sensual notes of patchouli, and the woody notes of cedar. The bottle takes again the codes of its elder, but literally changes appearance. In a glam / rock spirit, the bottle is dressed in a matt black topped with an intensive, ultra chic glitter lacquer. As for the central porthole, it turns pink, thus confirming a shining heart of femininity.

Between coffee and white flowers, “Black Opium” is a real adrenaline rush. A worthy heir to “Opium”, “Black Opium” still has that sulphurous side that has pleased previous generations so much.

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