Azzaro Chrome Pure fragrance

Azzaro Chrome Pure
Azzaro Chrome Pure

Pure Chrome, a new horizon

The history of the Azzaro brand is that of Loris Azzaro, born in 1933 in Tunis. In 1965, Loris Azzaro created his first boutique which is in fact a small accessory workshop. In 1978, the “Azzaro pour homme” perfume was a real revolution in the world of perfumery. It becomes an iconic fragrance that has infused a sensual temperament into its DNA. Imagined in 1996, “Chrome” is a worldwide success . The latter is inspired by the beautiful relationship of Loris Azzaro and his grandson. At the start of 2017, Azzaro will unveil “Chrome Pur”, a more modern variation of the star fragrance.

Chrome, a legendary fragrance

Since its launch in 1996, sales of “Chrome” have continued to increase. “Chrome” reflects the relationship between a father and a son and speaks of transmission. In addition, its bottle, its juice, everything breathes the sun, the sea, the beach, the same beach on which Loris liked to walk as a child. “Chrome” comes from the Greek “Chroma” which means color… It echoes the color of the sea, but also that of Loris Azzaro’s eyes. Also blue as the sky, “Chrome” is a breeze of freedom blowing through perfumery. This fragrance is that of freshness, cleanliness, purity. “Chrome” gives off a feeling of fullness, of appeasement. “Chrome” is the scent of a unique, intimate and natural relationship. At the start of 2017, Azzaro will offer a variation of its legendary fragrance, to the delight of its fans,

The modern notes of “Pure Chrome”

“Chrome Pur” is the fragrance of a promise, that of new horizons. Like its predecessor, “Pure Chrome” exudes a real freshness. This unpublished story is always a sharing of generations, a relationship of a father with his son, and of a grandfather with his grandson. “Pure Chrome” is a new adventure for the men of the family. For men who choose life, laughter, passion, love, for all these men, there is “Pure Chrome”, more modern than ever. As for the bottle, it uses the same lines as its predecessor, but makes a few small changes. Entirely white in color, the bottle is enhanced with a silver metal cabochon. Here, purity blends harmoniously with modernity.

At the start of 2017, Azzaro will present a variation of its legendary “Chrome Pur” fragrance . Released in 1996, “Chrome” sounds like a breeze of freedom, an ultra-fresh breeze. Because he is still so popular with men around the world, Azzaro has decided to offer his fans a more modern version “Pure Chrome”.

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